Personal Training

About PT

Whether you are just starting a fitness routine, or need a little assistance to achieve your wellness goals, a YMCA personal trainer can help. Your trainer will provide professional assistance to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, cardiovascular health and achieve weight loss.

1 Hour Program

Schedule your training sessions with one of our personal trainers. Our trainers will design a customized program to help you achieve your own fitness goals all within a 1 hour session.

1 for $30
5 for $100
10 for $175
15 for $245
20 for $310

30 Minute Program

Short on time? Look no further. Our trainers will make sure you receive a quick efficient workout in only 30 minutes!

5 for $55
10 for $95

Buddy Personal Training

Members Only
1-Hour Sessions
Do you feel it easier to workout with someone that you know? You and another YMCA member can sign up and train together! SAVE on pricing! Both must be present for every training.

Member Prices
5 for $125
10 for $160
20 for $290

Small Group Training

Designed for Groups of 3-6 People.
This program offers fun workouts with friends, semi-personalized exercise instruction, results and trainings that fit your schedule.

1 for $ 40
5 For $140
10 for $230
15 for $265
20 for $310



Get in touch

For questions regarding personal training, please contact our Wellness Director.

Wellness Director

Sierra Wall