Group Exercise Classes

Free Group Classes

Whatever your goal – weight loss, toning, stress relief, endurance – we have a class to suit your needs. From Cycling and HIIT to low impact classes, you will find a group exercise experience that keeps you motivated!

Intense Interval Training class that pushes the limit of what you and your body can achieve with great displays of power, speed, and endurance while incorporating mental and physical toughness! 

Tuesdays & Thursdays:  5-6pm


Our YMCA Yoga Class has roots from YogaFit and has evolved with a few twists involved. Instructor Mary Weisgerber puts a strong emphasis on Strength and Balance from a holistic approach for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our Yoga is a very low impact fitness class that aims to help keep you fit, centered, and present!

At the Smart Center:

Tuesdays & Thursdays:  5:45pm-6:45pm

Silver Sneakers Range of Motion

A low impact Silver Sneakers fitness class aiding in the increase and maintenance of your Range Of Motion! All Active Older Adults are welcome to this class to exercise with peers and fellow adults who still love staying active and staying in tune with their bodies and joints.

Monday – Friday:  10:30am-11:15am


This aerobic workout is all about having fun while torching off those calories! This class features high and low intensity intervals to help improve cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity. Dance skills, not required… Just dance, let go, and have fun

Monday & Wednesday 5:30-6:15pm

Y Cycling

Y cycling uses a special stationary bike that focuses on low-impact exercise. Structured to accommodate all fitness levels, you will improve your endurance, aerobic capacity, and strength through intervals of high intensity and recovery periods in a motivational setting while also building relationships with others.

Mondays & Wednesdays:  6:00am-7:00am

Cycle Max

An intense and breathtaking way to start the morning! Cycle Max is more than just a Exercise class… It’s a community! In this 45 minute cycling session we ride together in the dark party lit studio, to the loud and pumping rhythm of a one-of-a-kind playlist, with each song matched to its own unique cycling drill! People of all fitness levels are welcome due to the on the fly modifications that can be made to the drills to meet every attendee at their fitness level. Instructor Kelly Hopson works very hard to ensure that every person in this class has FUN and is motivated to challenge themseves.

Tuesday & Thursday:  5:30-6:15am