Portable Generators for Sale


Generators are a useful source of power, when the major power provider is inaccessible or when you are traveling in your RV. With a generator, you will easily charge your appliances and power your household devices. Finding the best generator is not easy if you do not know much about them. However, we are going to help you out in order to determine which generator would be the best for various needs. With detailed data and real customer reviews, you’ll find out everything you need regarding generators and their choice.

We have examined the generators according to the strictest criteria including only top-ranked portable units on offer. We will demonstrate various types of generators for sale together with low duty and heavy duty ones, so you can choose the most suitable one for your power needs. Our guidelines will explain how to choose a generator and how to maintain it in perfect shape in order to ensure its stable running in all circumstances.


Westinghouse WGen7500 For Sale


The most recently developed Westinghouse model is packed with various handy features. It has 7500 operation watts and 9000 watts of starting power. As such, the Westinghouse WGen7500 is the most spectacular and powerful sample on our list. This generator runs on gasoline and is designed as a durable and functional device.

Starting, installation and maintenance are all easy to perform, and it can be operated as soon as you take it out of the package with minimal effort required for its assembly.

It has a 6.6-gallon gas-powered tank, which proves that it is capable of dealing with all home power demands, even for a long-term period.

It is equipped with many features, such as a fuel gauge to check the level of gas as well as the low-oil shut-down mechanism and protection against overload including a twist lock receptacle used to power heavy-duty devices. It is also approved by EPA, CARB, and CSA.

Westinghouse is a trustworthy trademark in the world of digital appliances and has a reputation of the provider of quality products and superb service. The WGen7500 is a trustworthy and strong generator that adheres to the quality standards expected from this trademark.


Honda EU2200I For Sale


In order to power the appliances safely, a generator must have a dependable engine. In this respect, the Honda EU2200I definitely stands out. It has been improved and added with a more powerful engine that produces 10% more electricity and runs a lot quieter, while maintenance is also easier than in the previous model – Honda EU2000i. Nothing has changed in its weight and cost. It still weighs 47 pounds and generates much power for its measurements.

It produces 2200 watts of surge power and 1800 watts of running power. This generator is designed to easily deal with any portable electricity demands. You can even double the produced power by attaching one more unit to this generator.

It is not only powerful but also capable of charging vulnerable digital devices, such as cameras, mobile phones and others with the use of clean and steady sine wave power. The Honda EU2200I is easy to operate with the help of an improved recoil starting mechanism. It can be started with minimal effort and quite fast, which makes this tool a great option for camping.

In general, this model is highly recommended, because it not only provides stable power but is also very user-friendly, while still meeting all industry norms of quality and craftsmanship. It adheres to CARB requirements, while its portability is very useful when using it for professional and leisure purposes.


Wen 56200i For Sale


The best thing about this generator is its shape. It has a contemporary and very good-looking design if to compare it to the rest of generators on offer. Its light weight and handy grip make it easy to transport this unit as if it were a suitcase. It is very easy to load it into your car or truck and carry wherever you need. Such portability allows admitting that this generator is a great option for emergency situations where you might need an extra source of power.

The engine here produces 1,600 operation watts and 2,000 surge watts. This is quite enough for the majority of situations, such as powering your devices at home and charging the digital appliances.


Useful Guidelines on How to Find the Most Suitable Portable Generator Using 10 Steps


Portable generators can serve the function of an emergency power backup for home use or as a single source of power when other sources are inaccessible, for instance, on construction sites or while camping. Generators’ origin can be traced back to a long time ago. Nowadays, with such a wide choice of options, it is quite difficult to choose the right unit for your individual needs. We will examine several tips that will help you choose the most suitable generator for home use and other purposes. These include:


Power Demands


It is worth determining how and where you will use your generator in order to get what you need. The power demands for home use would be different from the requirements for camping or for a construction site. In all these situations, you’ll need different types of generators. The amount of produced electricity that you will need is affected first of all by the appliances that you are going to power.

The devices are generally rated according to their wind-up capacity and running wattage. The wind-up watts are the amount of electricity necessary for starting the appliance, while the power consumption is the greatest in this case. The running watts stand for the amount of electricity necessary for running the device for a long-term period. The starting wattage is many times larger than the running power, and this might prevent you from making the right choice as for the amount of power necessary for your purposes.


Noiseless Running


Too loud generators can provoke hearing problems and serve as a disturbance for your neighbors. You should, therefore, purchase a portable generator that would operate as quietly as possible or buy long cables to set the generator away from the building. The permissible noise level for such units is 60 dBA or less. At such rating, you may easily communicate with someone and will not disturb your neighbors while using the device at home.


Fuel-Saving Capacity


Fuel-saving capacity is a feature peculiar to good-quality portable generators. Such devices allow adjusting the level of fuel consumption while being loaded. With this function, the engine operates to the fullest only when its load is similar to the generator’s maximum power capacity. Such a feature is peculiar to Honda generators that use an Eco-Throttle function ensuring that the engine saves fuel by consuming it efficiently when the load is attached. This will help you minimize your fuel expenses.


Operation Time on a Tank of Fuel


Generators usually have a designated running time at a quarter and half load. This allows understanding how they will run when using a full tank of fuel depending on the indicated ratings. If you plan to use the generator in emergency situations and you are not able to identify when the power supply will shut off, you probably need to get a generator with a larger tank of fuel.